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About us

We are a federally registered charity, incorporated in Alberta and based in Pincher Creek, that believes outdoor adventure should be for everyone. The benefits of outdoor recreation to physical and mental health and well-being are well documented. People with disabilities often face unique barriers to accessing outdoor recreation, especially in rural communities. We use adaptive equipment, teamwork, and creativity to allow people of all abilities to experience the benefits of outdoor recreation, leading to physically and mentally healthier individuals, families and communities. We try to keep our programs very affordable for our clients, so that cost is not another barrier to participation. In order to deliver these experiences, we rely on volunteer support, grants and private donations for equipment and operational needs.

Adaptable Outdoors was founded in 2019 by Steve and Sara Holly, after moving to Southern Alberta. The pair had experience volunteering for other adaptive sports organizations prior to founding Adaptable Outdoors. While volunteering for a local winter adaptive sports program, Steve and Sara noticed a real lack of opportunities for accessible outdoor recreation in our area, especially during the summer. Steve then set about trying to borrow a TrailRider and find some willing volunteers, so they could take one of the adaptive skiers out for a hike in the summer. Seeing the impact that hike had and hearing of a much greater need in the community for summer programming, Steve and Sara created Adaptable Outdoors to try and meet that need.

You can learn more about us in the following newspaper article written by Christina Scott and called “Finding freedom: Adaptable Outdoors helps people with disabilities experience outdoor recreation”

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What we offer

We currently offer Adaptive Hiking, Adaptive Paddling and Adaptive Fishing programs from shore, kayak or canoe. We have a variety of adaptive equipment that helps us make these activities accessible to people of all abilities. For hiking we have an all terrain wheelchair and a TrailRider which can make even the most rugged mountain trails accessible to wheelchair users, with the right team. For paddling we have fully adapted kayaks and a canoe, with outriggers for additional stability and specialized seating with full lateral support. We also have various aids to assist with gripping and moving a kayak paddle. For fishing we have various gripping aids and an electric rod/reel that allows the user to reel in a fish at the push of a button, stomp of the foot or flick of the head. In addition to supporting mobility challenges, we also work hard to create a fun, inclusive environment where neurodiverse clients (those who experience, interact with, and interpret the world in unique ways) feel welcome and supported.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for people living with disabilities to experience the
benefits of outdoor recreation.

In pursuing this mission, we will bring about the following results:

1. Offer adaptive outdoor recreation programs for people living with disabilities, using adaptive equipment
and/or appropriate support.

2. Engage a diverse group of people, providing opportunities for people of all ages living with a variety of different disabilities.

3. Work toward better accessibility in outdoor recreation areas.

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Donations Make Us Possible

Thanks to our generous donors, we can provide our programs.
If you’d like to donate to Adaptable Outdoors please click the link below and it will direct you to our donation portal.

All donations will be used to support our adaptive programs and are greatly appreciated!

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